Hairpin-Shawl header

Hairpin Lace is a lace technique using a crochet hook and a Hairpin Loom.  Now, if you think holding a hook in one hand, your project in another and keeping tension with your finger is hard, try adding this strange looking and somewhat clumsy loom into the mix!

Hairpin looms can be made from wood or metal.  This is a metal/plastic version, much like the loom I have.  I would suggest steering clear of the fancy looms and look for practicality.  The first loom I had was a beautiful wooden/metal piece but had no way to secure the bars on their top and bottom pieces.  I used a lot of packaging tape until I gave up and bought a less expensive plastic/metal loom that works great!

The Hairpin Lace technique produces some beautiful pieces.  Don’t be intimidated though.  It’s really very easy and once you get used to how to move the loom, you can be producing strips of beautifully woven lace to crochet together into a myriad of different pieces.



This piece I crocheted in an afternoon (this is my beautiful daughter/model).  Click on thHairpin-Shawl4e picture to access the pattern.  If you aren’t sure how to start or what to do, here is a great YouTube video for beginners.  If you get hooked – you just might – here is a page with lots of free patterns to keep you busy.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this quick view of Hairpin Lace Crochet.  Keep creating and Feelin’ Crafty!