Feelin More Than Inspired
Do you ever feel like maybe your head will explode from all of the yummy knowledge you’ve shoved in there?  That’s me. I spend an awful lot of time consuming information. Whether it’s how-to articles, small business trends or career advice, I always want to know more.  I tell myself that it’s because I want to be a well read, intelligent human, but I think it may have more to do with confidence.  I think that if I have ALL of the information and have researched ALL of the options, only then can I make an informed decision.  But what happens when your quest to be the smartest person on earth slaps you in the face? Well, it made me reevaluate my goals and has spurred me into action.  Let me share a few podcast episodes that explain what I mean.

The Lifecoach School Podcast with Brooke Castillo Episode 16: Massive Action

Last summer, I decided to put my Christmas Present (Fitbit) to work finally and start walking every morning.  The silence during that time was killing me so I quickly started looking for podcasts about how to lose weight (remember, I must know ALL).  I found a podcast about losing weight and the whole psychology of it all.  I can’t recall the name of it, but it introduced me to Brooke Castillo (thank you unknown, but very significant podcast lady).

Brooke Castillo is a life coach, but she started out as a regular gal trying to figure out how to lose weight.  The great thing is that after she figured it out, she started teaching everyone else how to do it.  She wrote a book called If I’m So Smart Why Can’t I Lose Weight. Right?  She speaks to me.  But then she does it.  This episode talks about getting from the research phase to the doing it.  She calls it taking MASSIVE ACTION.  Little action will not do!

ProBlogger Podcast

Now this podcast definitely falls under the “research” category for me and like anything else, I went straight to the first episode in order to get all the goody out of it.  It doesn’t hurt that I absolutely love his voice, but right off the bat Darren Rowse challenges you to act with the series 31 Days to a Better Blog.  Each day he asks you to do one small thing pertaining to your blog in an effort to organize and focus your efforts.  The important thing there being EFFORT.

The Lifecoach School Podcast with Brooke Castillo Episode 85: Constraint

Now this one hit the nail right there on the head!  Constraint.  Doesn’t mean much to me in its organic definition.  What, am I supposed to hold myself back? Not buy as much yarn? Drink less wine?!  No. This episode taught me that I have too many choices.  Too many things in my head! Too many options and suddenly I can’t move. I learned here to trust myself when I know I have enough information and not overwhelm my brain.

Explore Your Enthusiasm, with Tara Swiger: Inspiration Isn’t Enough

Ok, so this one pulled it all together for me.  Kicked me in the sidelines sitting butt.  I swear Tara Swiger has been peeking in my window when she describes the path of my inspiration from elation to frustration and finally death.  If nothing else, this has taught me that I’m not alone.  Not the only creative wanna be successful business person out there that feels painted into a corner while my friends are playing in the yard.  This was the proverbial slap in the face I needed to get the engine revved and the crafty car put into gear (even if it’s Lo1) and move on down the road.  Craft shows are calling and 2016 is MY YEAR.

So as I sit here in a hotel room, five hours from home for my current day job, I look over at my bag of knitting and smile.  Soon I’ll be sitting in my yarn shop remembering these trips and how I never gave up. Never stopped Feelin’ Crafty.