One Step Beyond Blanket

I’m definitely a crafty person but I also have a pretty serious right-brain tendency. So when I am scrolling through Pinterest and come across a bevy of geometric crochet blanket patterns, I must track down some extra yarn and get to work.

That’s exactly what I did when I made this gorgeous purple and white crochet blanket using the “One Step Beyond” pattern by Martin Up North.

Geographic Pattern Blanket

It had been some time since I sat down and made a complete blanket but blankets are my calling. I enjoy making them most of all and finding interesting and challenging patterns makes it all the more alluring.

This crochet blanket pattern, it turns out, is much easier than the amazing results would have you think. I’ve been apprehensive to start many patterns based on the pictures if they look super complicated. Most times I will read through the first few rows (at least up until the repeats) before I decide to jump in. And that’s what I did with this one.

Pattern Close Up

The nice part about what Martin Up North has done with this pattern is he has offered both the written pattern (my go to) AND charts. And he walks you through the more complicated stitches slowly, not assuming you are in his head (have run across many crochet patterns like that).

After you get the hang of the pattern and the repeats, the blanket works up pretty quick. I’ll admit that it took me a little while of carefully following each stitch of the pattern before I could confidently run through the rows without worrying about making a mistake.

Overall I would recommend this pattern for the intermediate crocheter. I’ll be making another version in different colors because I love it a lot. By the way, Martin up North has a version 2 of this pattern aptly named “Two Steps Beyond”. I’ve got this one in my queue also :)