KetchupThanks for the Ketchup, or Catsup, whichever you prefer

Hey, thanks for the Ketchup, which you made a point to ask me about, since I didn’t want any “special” dipping sauce for my Popcorn Chicken.  Don’t you hate it when the kid at other end of the drive up speaker questions your preferences?

“What kind of dipping sauce do you want with that?”

“Just Ketchup please.”


“Yes, please.” (I was in a polite mood today).

As if I’ve thrown the whole fast food system into chaos.  I wonder if they order those boxes of Honey BBQ sauce in precise ratios to the number of frozen chicken pucks they shake out of that thick plastic bag over the fryer (I was told to never load the basket over the fryer, but that was the 80’s).  I ask for Ranch Dressing for my fries sometimes.  Oh the fast food accounting nightmare THAT must cause.

Anyway, I’ve been busy getting ready to go out of town for a couple of days for the DAY JOB so a quick stop at the bank, pay some bills and a treat from the home of the Vanilla Diet Coke (44 ounces, of course) was in order.

I’ve been Feelin’ Crafty lately, but I’ve also been evaluating the future.  I love, love LOVE creating things.  So much so, that sometimes when I wake up at 4am, I stay up and KNIT!  But I also know that paying the mortgage by hocking blankets may be a stretch.

I’ve been recruiting crafty family members and I’ve almost got my College Art Major daughter convinced to work on filling out the Etsy shop inventory.  She can craft me under the table so…

Something else I love is Marketing – Web Marketing, Digital Marketing, SEO Marketing, Shrimp & Grits (oops, I digress).  So, as I travel and knit, I’ve been working on a solution to combine my love for ALL things crafty with my passion for Marketing.  More to come, but I just wanted to get that out there so it’s not rattling around my head as I fly over the Grand Canyon.

By the way, no Ketchup.  But I did get this cool little mint.  Thanks drive-up speaker guy!

Sonic Mint


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Anonymous · May 18, 2016 at 3:19 pm

Very witty 😉 keep doing what makes you happy

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