I’m Mary, the dreamer here at Feelin’ Crafty.  Why am I feeling this way?  Because it gives me great joy and a feeling of satisfaction to make – a bit of a therapy, if you will.  I’ll call that Feelin’ Crafty – Joyful Making!

At Feelin’ Crafty, my medium is yarn – or fiber – of all kinds.  I’ve taught myself crochet, knit, macrame and hand-dyeing with aspirations to learn to spin and weave as well.  I love to bring to life the beautiful patterns from the amazing designers around the world.  I also love to explore the various indie dye artists across the country – there really are some beautiful yarns out there.  I’ve also made my own things from scratch and I am displaying the projects I’ve done all in one place on Ravelry.  Follow this link if you’d like to follow me there as well –> https://www.ravelry.com/people/FeelinCrafty.

I hope that in this space you’ll find the Joy and Satisfaction I’ve found in Making.  I’ll share my projects and any tips I have.  I’ll explore different patterns, designers, yarns, indie dyers and much more each week.

Let’s get to Feelin’ Crafty and finding Joy!